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Three Dimensional wall Panel

Dimensional wall panels are biodegradable and sustainable. Used from recycled materials. Painted to beautify any décor. The dimensional panels are designed to form a pattern when assembled. 

Once installed, they can be painted in any color to update your décor. Since it is a natural product, it should not be placed in the sink, in the shower, or in extremely humid conditions. You can also visit modulararts to get more detail about dimensional wall panels.

Three Dimensional wall Panel

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Dimensions and specifications – Dimensions: 19.68 W x 0.78 D x 19.68 H inches Weight: 6.6 lbs Brand: 3D Wall Panels Style: Modern and contemporary 3D  dimensional panels are environmentally friendly and safe materials for unique and elegant decorations. It consists of pure plant fiber.

3D  dimensional wall panels can complement almost any indoor life or business environment and help you create a colorful living room. It is a modern, simple and economical decoration material that can be installed quickly and painted in any color to complement the interior. 

  • Clean the surface where you will attach the panels. Plan your design layout. Measure and mark the installation area vertically and horizontally. 

  • Start working from the top corner. Check the corner with a carpenter's square to make sure it is completely square.

  • Apply adhesive to walls and panels (solvent-based contact cement adhesive is recommended). You can also search online for more information about dimensional wall panels.