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Thumb sucking: A Challenging Habit To Break

Thumb sucking may be a challenging habit for a kid to break. Infants have natural sucking and rooting reflexes. These reflexes may lead them to set their fingers or thumb in their mouths.

Some infants might create a habit of thumb sucking whenever they want some kind of relaxation because thumb sucking makes babies feel protected. There are many questions in the parent’s mind to know how to stop thumb sucking effectively or how they encourage their kid.

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Just how long can thumb sucking generally last?

Many children stop sucking their thumbs by themselves, frequently by age 7 or 6 weeks or between ages 4 and 2. But a kid who is stopped sucking her or his thumb might return to the behavior during times of anxiety.

Thumb sucking is not normally a concern until your child's permanent teeth come. Now, thumb sucking may start to impact the roof of their mouth (palate) or the way the teeth lineup. The possibility of problems is closely related to how frequently, how long and how your child sucks his or her thumb.

What do I do to encourage my child to quit thumb sucking?

Speak to your kid about thumb sucking. Occasionally paying attention to thumb sucking is sufficient to stop the behavior — particularly if your son or daughter uses thumb sucking for attention.