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Time And Attendance Systems Provide Essential Security Data

The traditional driver behind the installation of a new time and attendance system is the administration sector. Administration requires a record of who has attended the workplace, and when. This data is transferred to payroll calculations either automatically or through data capture and transfer. But for security officers, time and attendance systems offer both security and health and safety benefits.

This is particularly beneficial in a multi-tiered access situation where for example, security and senior management require access to all areas at all times, research staff needs to access secure areas such as laboratories or workrooms and administration staff require access to general areas and their workplace.

The time and attendance system can be easily configured to allow access for individuals only to their designated work areas. You can shop and install the automated time and attendance system via attendance management system via

With a pass-back system requiring the token to allow access and egress, even if an unauthorized individual has gained access to the secure area by following an authorized person, they cannot leave without the token. The token can be a swipe card, proximity fob or fingerprint recognition biometric system.

The latter is more secure since it cannot be lost, stolen, forged or Buddied, that is to say, passed to an unauthorized individual. Modern biometric systems scan the sub-dermal ridges of a fingerprint, thus making them spoof proof and allowing for acceptance through dust, grease, paint or latex work gloves in any light conditions and in any weather.

For high-security applications and for ease of use, biometrics has much to recommend it. In addition to administrative functions, a biometric system can advise security personnel precisely who has accessed which rooms, areas or facilities; when, and for how long. The forensic advantages to having this data to hand in the event of an incident are obvious.

In terms of health and safety, it is essential that security officers have fast and easy access to real-time data. In the event of an accident or emergency, the system will indicate precisely who is on-site, and this data can be correlated with the headcount at muster points.