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Tips On Wigs For Women Undergoing Cancer Treatments In Sarnia

Hair loss, partially or completely, is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy and is seen by most women as the most physically and emotionally damaging consequence of cancer therapy. 

Many women find that hair loss is just as difficult to treat as a cancer diagnosis. Choosing the right wig can be a difficult decision. It is important to go to a center that offers complete privacy, individual attention and with staff who have experience and understanding of working with women with cancer. You can find the best wigs salon in Sarnia and book a free consultation from various online sources.

If possible, before a woman starts treatment or loses her hair, she should seek personal help from a hair loss center that specializes in hair loss in women with acceptable chemotherapy.

This way a specialist wig technician can combine the color, texture and style of your hair and look 95% like you. This may not be the time to drastically change your hair color or style. 

We encourage our customers to bring friends or family members to help them choose the right wig and to provide their support and assistance.

Synthetic wigs or a mix of synthetic and human hair are better choices for temporary hair loss. Today’s wigs are light, airy, realistic and look like human hair. They are easy to shape and clean, which makes them easy to care for at home and less expensive than human hair wigs.