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Tips To Stop The Habit Of Thumb Sucking

Many pediatric dentists emphasize that thumb sucking puts force on the soft tissues on the roof of the mouth and on the sides of the upper jaw. This can cause the upper jaw to constrict, resulting in misalignment of the teeth from top to bottom. You can also hop over to this site to get the best tips for stopping thumb sucking.

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If the teeth are misaligned, language may be impaired and therapy may be required. In addition, additional dental care may be required in the future. 

If your child is two years old or older and is still sucking their thumb, here are some tips to help them stop.

Limit adequate times for thumb sucking. Explain to your kid that thumb sucking is inappropriate during the day or in public. By restricting thumb sucking in bed or sleeping, you are helping your child slowly get used to life without thumbs.

Reward, don’t scold. Children often suck their thumbs out of nervousness, anxiety, or discomfort. Confronting them will increase their anxiety, which will make it even more difficult to break the habit. Instead, praise them when they are not sucking their thumb.

Let them if they need to. Stressful situations, such as when he was injured, are not the right time to try to break the habit. If he is full of fear or fright, it is perfectly permissible for him to suck his thumb.