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Top 5 Styling Tips to Add Appeal to Your Bathroom

renovations in Coffs Harbour bathroom

Timber vanities and black tapware may be in trend right now, they can look outdated after some time. However, if your bathroom looks boring and sterile, you can make it inviting trendy, and classic with the correct styling choice. Let’s take a look at the tips to make sure the bathroom looks trendy.

  1. Towels: You can add the desired colour scheme using this. Go for a single shade or mix and match contrasting ones. You can find multi-colour choices in bright and pastel shades that match every style.
  2. Bathroom Accessories: The list of adding stylish accessories in the bathroom is endless. Do keep this thing in mind that the “less is more.”However, don’t overdo and place a lot of things on every spare bench. Fill the space with the required things to add a luxurious factor to your bathroom.
  3. Greenery: Fresh greenery is an inviting thing in every room. Here again, don’t go for lots of vertical plants. Just install 1 or 2 pot plants at the correct spots to add a beautiful touch of greenery. Ensure that you select the right plant types for the location.
  4. Timber: Timber is another great choice for a bathroom but it does not always need to have a fixture form like vanity. Timber bath caddy, timber towel ladder, and timber stool are some amazing ideas to add warmth to your bathroom.
  5. Feature Tiles: Feature tiles can make your white bathroom appear amazing. No matter, you choose white and black, or classic timber, you can simply combine floor tiles to create a featured wall. You can also use the simple feature tiles in a small quantity.

Find professionals offering bathroom renovations in Coffs Harbour and you can unlock many more ideas.