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Types of Marine Aquarium Lighting – Get This Right

Probably one of the very essential and sometimes overlooked pieces of equipment in your saltwater aquarium can be that of your marine aquarium light system. Together with maybe the exception of deepwater fish, most fish require daylight in order to stay healthy, particularly during cold weather. 

Naturally, based on the kind of aquatic life that you are keeping in your tank, then the option of aquarium light will be impacted. This guide will help try to sift through this potentially complicated area. To know about the ideal lights for your aquarium visit

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Fluorescent lighting (full-spectrum)

This is basically considered to be one of the preferred kinds of bulbs to make use of. Over time, the track record of this type of lighting has been super good. These lamps have a life cycle of roughly two years before they need to be substituted, plus so they have a tendency to be on the less expensive side inside the replacement price. 

Their light quality and light quantity are also very good for the sum of cash that she will spend. A number of the features why these lights provide are the skills to correct spectral lumen and alter depreciation. 

Yet another name for this sort of lighting is called VHO, or very high output, and is a very good option if you are getting to keep plenty of plants. They can also work with reef aquariums. One of the drawbacks nevertheless, is that they generally require a ballast platform for these to work properly, and these are normally costly.

These kinds of bulbs are a great lighting source, particularly for live plants. The issue is, they do generate a lot of heat therefore keeping your aquarium water at the ideal temperature might be a bit more demanding.