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Underlying eCommerce Technology Trends Arriving in Near Future

E-commerce continues to advance with unprecedented innovation and greater invention. It's become important for online gamers to consider these changes in order to stay ahead of the market and get strong. Let's examine the main trends that the e-commerce industry has to introduce.

AR technology

Augmented reality technology is a highly anticipated change for the e-commerce business in the future. AR has become a popular phenomenon in Indonesia for playing games. It's time for AR to move consumers to e-commerce. To get information on how is Augmented Reality marketing beneficial to your business? you can browse the internet.

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This allows retailers to truly provide an in-store shopping experience on their app or website by highlighting their image on a virtual screen on the device and allowing them to visualize with the clothes or products they have purchased.

Flare technology

While beacons have emerged as a flexible technology with multiple uses from various physical stores and restaurants to provide information on products and offerings, it is also gaining force among online businesses. Many use beacon technology to send personalized offers to registered users of their mobile phones using customer location data obtained on websites.


E-commerce retailers are more likely to embrace the latest technological breakthrough in the digital world, artificial intelligence. Using behavioral data from customers visiting the website, retailers create targeted campaigns to market their products. By sensing consumers' emotions, they take action based on different customer segments and previous shopping experiences to increase sales.

Shopping on social media

As social media accounts have become an integral part of people's lives, e-commerce providers are finding convenient platforms for advertising and marketing. Apart from promoting content and offers, social account pages now offer users direct purchase options as well. Social sales are on the rise as social media platforms offer better integration to direct users to product pages or publication websites.