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Variation About Render Farm

Render farms are not always specific to the graphics server multi-core processors are gathered in one place and linked together. What's more – sometimes you do not even need to pay for them, you can lease render farm. There are many companies like animation tech that provide rent render farm service for your ease.

How could you do that?

To explain this, you need to remember SETI @ Home, which is used to search for extraterrestrial civilizations. It works because the user voluntarily withdraws to their computers a program that allows them to analyze signals from the entire universe. 

This way you can collect the computing power which is proportional to the strength of the world's fastest supercomputers, without involving large amounts of money.

Thanks to this huge computing power, which is usually available only for ordinary users to make the farm, here it is possible to achieve for free. Unfortunately, there are also restrictions more severe than making your own computer available for agriculture – it is possible to create only one program – Blender (which, incidentally, is also free).

In a slightly different direction to go inventors of the technology called the green button. Also, this is not a typical render farm, but in this case, it is not free. But accusations of allowing the development of technology. "The Green Button" only supports multiple programs with plug-ins, in which the project can be sent to rendering directly from the program.