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Ways To Stop Raccoon From Drinking Water From Your Pool

With the coming summer season, the pools have started to open and welcoming summer fun. But unfortunately, we are not just the ones who are interested in enjoying the crisp cool waters of our pool; so is a raccoon.

Surprisingly enough, the raccoon likes to drink the pool water, and sometimes even swim! Homeowners and commercial property owners are generally not happy with the behavior of the raccoon since his presence could cause the entire list of problems.

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Getting rid of raccoons

The best way to protect your home or property from a raccoon is to hire Raccoon Removal in Los Angeles and implement the necessary preventive maintenance techniques to stop them from coming around. If you want them to stop drinking water your pool, this is what you should do:

Remove all sources of food and water

You can install the pool cover to prevent raccoon access to water. Be sure to remember to cover the pool night after night as raccoons have very good memory skills and will remember that your property is no longer a viable source of water.

Creating Environmental Modification

You have to make certain changes to your place if you want to never attractive nuisance raccoon again. There are several methods to choose from, including eliminating shelter and hiding space by adding locks and barriers, install lighting motion or sound devices automatically, and sealing any openings or gaps around the house or building.