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What are the Types & Features of Telegram Channels?

Telegram Channels can be divided into two types based upon their users' databases.

1. Public Channels

2. Private Channels

Public channels are channels that have a username. Telegram search can help you find them and allow you to join. You can easily find them on the Internet. With the use of 10000+ Top Telegram channels, Groups, Stickers, Tips and Tricks, you can get in touch with your family & friends.

Private channels are channels that are not generally open to the public. These channels are basically closed societies. You will need to either be invited by the creator to join these channels or you can add yourself to them.

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Features of Telegram Channel

Telegram Channels offer many features. To add Telegram Stickers to your channels, you can also visit the Telegram Stickers Pack.

1. Icon and Description

You can choose a square image as your channel icon to quickly recognize Telegram channels. You can also add a description to your channel to help others recognize it. You can also include hyperlinks in the description segment. You can easily modify the description or icon at any time by going to the channel configurations.

2. Unlimited members

There is no limit on the number of associates. Anyone can join your channel via public or private links. Telegram will never warn you about replies from members. If a participant joins your channel, he can view all messages starting at the beginning.

3. Share large size files

You can share any document with your channel members, including videos and pictures. You can share files up to 1.5 GB, including compressed documents ZIP, RAR, and EXE.

4.  Pinning Post

You can pin an Article if you wish to share a profound message to your old and new friends. The channel's top will display the captured message. A channel can contain a statement or important updates.