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What Does A Web Developer Do?

Web development is a craft that involves many different technologies. In essence, however, it is the responsibility of the web developer to ensure that the customer receives a website that does what he wants.

There is a big difference between web developers and web designers, and although their roles are partly overlapping, web designers will rarely be involved in the actual code that makes up a website. You can also get more information about web development and designing at

1. Plan the design and functionality of the website

It usually takes time for web developers to actually start writing code that compiles a website. When you get a web project contract, you have to plan and analyze many things.

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Usually, the customer requires the website to work a certain way. It is up to the project manager and the development team to decide how long this will last.

At this stage, the web designer will most likely be involved to ensure that the design meets customer requirements. In fact, the requirements will likely include details of how customers want to see the website.

2. Create business logic according to customer instructions

After completing the planning and analysis stages, web developers start developing websites. This often includes working with client-side technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS as well as server-side technologies such as PHP and .NET.

3. Introduction to web design

You might think that when a web developer finishes developing a website, the web designer starts implementing the website. Although they often work together, web developers are usually tasked with implementing the website's web design.