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What Is Presbyopia , Its Symptoms & Treatment?

Presbyopia is a condition that causes one to lose their ability to focus on objects near them. It typically begins around 40 years old. Presbyopia can cause headaches.


Presbyopia sufferers feel tired reading on the computer. Some other symptoms include blurry vision, mild headaches, and persistent but mild eye strain.


Presbyopia can be caused by the hardening of the lens in the eyes. It is most commonly noticed after age 40. Some patients might need treatment for presbyopia sooner than others. Many people prefer to use eye drops. Eye drops are beneficial to improve presbyopia conditions. You can also find the best eye drops to correct presbyopia at

presbyopia eye drop


Modern medicine has created a variety of presbyopia treatments. The best treatment for you will depend on your visual acuity, the severity of presbyopia, and personal preferences. Eye drops are most commonly used to treat mild presbyopia. 

Patients who are suffering from a presbyopia problem can purchase presbyopia-correcting eye drops from the medical store or online. 

Monovision, LASIK, and conductive keratoplasty have been popular choices for presbyopia. Monovision LASIK is laser energy that corrects one eye’s near vision. Patients can see clearly from all distances after treatment or they can also use eye drops to correct presbyopia conditions.