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What is Supply Chain Management?


Supply Chain Management is managing the flow of goods and services taken. SCM managers also have to look at risk management and sustainability. From the point, a vendor delivers goods or services to the point their finished product or service reaches the consumer, the supply chain manager is involved.

Storage of Raw Materials

Procurement personnel will buy goods from a supplier, take delivery and store them. The supply chain manager will coordinate with them to ensure the right materials are delivered in the tight quantity, and they are of the expected quality. Only after they are satisfied, the material is processed for production.

Ongoing Production Inventory

Supply chain managers also have to keep a stock of the going production activities, the goods that are being produced., their packaging, and their warehousing. They have to take stock whether the required demand is being met and take measures to ensure there is no shortage.

 Finished Product

The managers also have to ensure the finished product is up to the mark is quality, and dispatched according to purchase orders. This is the final part of the supply chain, but there are other responsibilities as well.

Additional Responsibilities

They have to monitor all the activities involved during the purchase, production, and supply of the goods. Supply chain managers also have to assess and projected future demand of the product and ensure there is no hamper in supply. They also have to look at scaling operations.

If you think that supply chain management is too difficult, you can start off by doing procurement training programs, work in that profession and then upgrade to a supply chain manager.