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What Subjects Are the Part of the ASVAB Exam?

ASVAB military exam is held for the recruiters in the army. This exam is difficult and the subjects will be included in the exam are listed below:

General Science 

This section will test your overall understanding of the basic sciences, including biology, physics, chemistry, earth science, and astrology. You can prepare for the ASVAB exam from this website

Arithmetic reasoning

It will test your ability to solve word problems with a math question basis. Consider reading comprehension in basic mathematics.

Word Knowledge

This section tests your understanding of basic vocabulary by asking you to identify similar words, antonyms, synonyms, and related words.

Paragraph Comprehension

Similar to reading comprehension, it will test your ability to take concepts and solutions of a given passage. You will be asked questions based on the profound meaning of the passage rather than straight-forward.

Mathematics Knowledge

It will test you on the various topics of mathematics you learn, including basic operations, algebra, operations laws, geometry, and trigonometry.

Electronic Information 

It will test your ability to identify electrical concepts and electricity and answer mathematical questions on the current basis.

Auto & Shop Information 

It will test your understanding of the basic tools, concepts, parts, and procedures relating to vehicles and store information.

Understanding the mechanical 

It will test your understanding of the basic concepts and related mathematical equations that relate to machines and use the word discount.