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What to Look For in a Great Interview Coach

Today's job search is like nothing we've seen before. Competition in this economy is fierce and candidates get knocked out quickly.

One of the most effective ways to become a star candidate is to hire a coach to interview. Individual coaching takes into account your work history and personal talents and personalizes decisions for you. You can also look for various interview training centers to hire a professional interview coach. 

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Look for someone who specializes in your field with a lot of experience. Let other customers recommend you and take advantage of the advice they (should) offer. If you can find someone with the right credentials and you feel comfortable working with, it's a good idea to go.

An excellent interview coach will solve your problem as quickly as possible. They don't want to waste your time or money and will be interested in helping you get the job you want. They want to help you set goals and identify areas for improvement.

You may have to do some homework yourself, such as a book to read or certain changes to your resume. It's great when they can help you organize your job tracking experience and include the keywords you've gleaned from the experience on your new resume.

However, the best part about teaching interviews is that it is personalized. A great coach won't have a standard plan that will put everyone on a roll – he will personalize the plan based on your need for a successful candidate.