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When to See a Professional Baby Sleep Advisor?

Sometimes sleep problems are too severe for parents to solve. Then you may want to talk to your child's pediatrician or seek outside help from a sleep advisor. A child sleep specialist can treat many of your child's sleep problems, including:

– Wake up too early

– Transition from cot to cot

– Sleep together

– Sleep disorders in childhood

The downside is that consultations are not cheap and you can spend hundreds or thousands on housing and aftercare.

When considering a sleep advisor, talk to your child's pediatrician first. They may be able to provide suggestions or recommendations. It's a good idea to contact your health insurance company to find out if they offer sleep counseling services for children.

You can also ask sleep advisors if they have grades or offer a variety of services. You may just need a phone consultation, which is cheaper than staying the night or visiting your home.

Sleep training may not be easy. Some kids will resist and rush, while others will adapt fairly quickly. There is no way to know which end of the spectrum your child is on until you start. The trick is consistency and of course following one method for more than one night.

In the meantime, check your family's sleep training methods, maintain a consistent nap and bedtime routine, and call friends and family to get the rest you need.