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Which Type of Tummy Tuck Surgery Is Right for You?

Even if you know you want Tummy Tuck, you might not know that there are more than one form of this operation. The type of surgical procedure often depends on the results you want to achieve. Below are some of the most common abdominoplasty operations.


traditional stomach


The traditional TUCK method is carried out on people with the advantages of sagging and slack skin. This usually applies to people who lose significant weight, women who have pregnancy, and parents. Advantages of abdominal skin removed by surgery to provide a flattery and more clear appearance. You can also discover the best treatment for tummy tuck in Dallas, TX via


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Peripheral stomach surgery

The most dramatic of all abdominoplasty operations is the edge of the stomach. This procedure involves eliminating more skin than other plastic surgery forms. This type of operation is best for men and women who lose significant weight (more than 100 pounds) and have very loose and sagging skin throughout their bodies.

Mini stomach surgery.

Also known as partial tummy tuck, this surgical method is less invasive than traditional stomach plastic surgery. Good candidates for this operation are those who have smaller areas of loose skin around the abdomen than the muscle walls that stand out.

Regardless of what type of stomach surgery you will have, remember that this is an operation. So don't forget to write your homework and answer all your questions first.