Statistics will inform you that there has been a massive increase in the production of organic cotton men's t-shirts due to the increasing demand from customers. Now why is this so? Why is an increasing number of people opting for organic cotton men's t-shirts instead of those labeled "100% cotton"?

The solution is quite simple. It is mainly due to the increase in environmental awareness in today's society. The degradation of the environment is very egregious, and yet one way you could get your part in sustaining the environment is by wearing natural cotton T-shirts. If you want to buy extensively cotton heritage t-shirts then you may search online.

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Organic cotton plantations adhere to organic farming techniques. This means that instead of using those dangerous artificial pesticides and fertilizers, they use natural organic wonders like ladybugs to keep insects away from cotton and organic manure areas as fertilizer.

Producers who use 100% cotton for the variety of T-shirts they create also adhere to an exploitation-free work environment. Employees are provided with excellent working conditions and are therefore adequately paid for the remaining work.

If you wonder why 100% cotton is not organic compared to organic cotton, the answer lies in the environmental effect that cotton production generates.

Silk farms that do not produce organic cotton use considerable amounts of fertilizers and pesticides, which harm the ecology of the surrounding region, in addition to the employees who tend the farms.