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Why Do We Need Supplements and What Is Lifelong Vitality?

The healthiest way to supply your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function properly is by eating a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, given the fast-paced life and very depleted soil, many of us often struggle to get the essential daily nutrients our bodies need.

If you have a more restricted diet as a result of a weight management plan, or if you are celiac, vegan, or vegetarian, the risk of losing important nutrients may be greater. You can also buy doterra supplements online.

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The sad truth is that our environment is thinning and most of us can't get enough of the good things from our diets. Even if we grow our own organic vegetables in an uncontaminated environment, we will struggle to get all the nutrients we need.

Thousands of years of intensive farming practices have depleted our land. In addition, products are increasingly shipped thousands of kilometers and stored in warehouses or shelves for weeks, which at night leads to a deterioration in the nutritional profile.

A large-scale study conducted between 1930 and 1980 and published in the British Food Journal found that the average calcium content of 20 vegetables decreased by 19%, iron by 22%, and potassium by 14%. Another study concluded that we need to eat eight oranges today to get the same amount of vitamin A that our grandparents got from just one orange.

Dietary supplements help fill gaps in our diet and ensure that we don't go short and get the right balance of nutrients to stay healthy, have energy and prevent premature aging.