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Why is Antistatic Flooring a popular choice?

Antistatic flooring prevents static electricity from building up. ESD flooring systems are included in this definition. However, the terms are not interchangeable. Some materials can accumulate less charge than others. Special static floor management systems that are used on floors require grounding to ensure loads can be safely removed.

Best Anti Static flooring uses a special conductive material to dissipate any charge that builds upon a person’s feet as soon as they come in contact with the coating. This triggers a chain reaction that allows cargo to be safely transported across floors and away from sensitive work environments.

Electrostatic charges can be removed from flooring to prevent them from building up and posing a danger.

Antistatic Epoxy coatings are typically made from resin and a mixture of fillers, including hardener, filler, paint, and resin. Mix them on-the-spot using a variable speed mixer. They are then applied periodically to prevent jelly formation from the mixture. They can be applied in thicknesses of 1mm to 3mm and come in a variety of colors. For very low resistance, the charge hits a conductive primer that is filled with carbon. The charge then flows into a copper strip that is buried beneath the floor and connected to a secure ground point.

What are you waiting to do? For a simple and smooth process, install antistatic flooring in your workplace. Get antistatic flooring today!

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