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Why Is Pilates Reformer So Great For Your Core In Sydney?

Pilates is a multi-faceted exercise, bringing all of your muscle groups to front-and-center for ultimate lengthening and strengthening. One of those muscle groups is in your abdominal core, where the solid foundation of all Pilates practice is found.

Pilates reformer classes are the perfect full-body workout, but what is it that really makes your core tick? 

1) Customize according to your needs

The reformer's flexible functionality allows you to adapt the training to your needs. Some devices may limit who can use them due to their size, height, or reach, but a reformer is a valuable tool for almost anyone. You can also choose the best pilates studio classes in Sydney.

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2) Multifunctional machine

Forget disposable equipment for squats and other isolation exercises. You accept the need for balance and stability, with benefits to your core.

The universal reformer allows you to perform hundreds of exercises to target the same muscle group while using different angles and positions to strengthen and stabilize your midsection for the perfect muscle-building workout.

3) Find flexibility

The core allows you to move the whole body, and flexibility is a sign of flexible, agile muscles. When you use all your freedom of movement in a safe training system, your strength and flexibility are put to use and these muscles form a safety net for your body to work. Flexibility is just as important as strength, especially when doing exercises to combat or relieve back pain.